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Canine Canine color ELocus.asp

Because it is a recessive mutation, a dog must have two copies of the recessive long-hair allele (l/l) to express that gene and cause the dog to have long hair.
Dog Coat color (S Locus) Parti, Piebald, or Random White Spotting Animal Genetics offers a test for the S-Locus to determine allele a dog is Parti, Piebald.
In most cases, a heterozygous dog will express whichever of its alleles is the most dominant. E locus ("extension series", affects distribution of eumelanin). Ontbrekend: asp.

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All offspring will also have a melanistic mask. CD - Cone Degeneration. CF - Canine Fucosidosis. MLS - Musladin-Lueke Syndrome. PH - Primary Hyperoxaluria. PRA - Shetland Sheepdog PRA.
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