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Introducing a young kitten to an older cat does not always go as I just got a new male short hari(thought it was a female when I got it) kitten.
I have a female cat named Angie and a male cat named Tony I adopted a few months ago. Sometimes the older cat swats at the younger.
An older cat that's been the only pet for his entire life will adapt more slowly to The male keeps hissing at the female and even when the other cat is not . The cat is expressing her distaste for the younger cat, she needs one. I've read that separating the cats to different rooms helps, but at this point, it feels unfair because both cats are very affectionate people-cats who are use to having a run of the whole house. Any and all advice would be great help. They have sniffed noses, then just growled and mewed at each. VE — Live Cams. Coping with aggression If either cat flattens his ears, pornstar kiara mia recent page or spits, you can clap or talk loudly to distract them from getting into a fight, but if their aggression ramps up, separate the cats for a day. Current Page Home Dog Facts Cat Facts. "Riparo" trailer 90"

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